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Watch Video: General Electric's Fall From Grace In 10 Data Points

What happened to General Electric?

General Electric (ticker: GE), one of the most iconic American companies, is in a state of crisis. We quickly review Milton's View on GE and share a new video recapping 10 data points to help you understand what led to GE's fall from grace.

What does Milton think about GE?

Milton has been Negative on GE for quite a while. In fact, below is a screenshot of Milton's View of GE as of December 9, 2018. You can access this view by setting up your Milton Smart Watchlist on Milton and adding ticker "GE" to your watchlist. As seen below, Milton's Score is 1 (0-35 is classified as Negative per Milton's scoring system) and consistent with one month ago, where Milton's Score for GE was also 1 (one), nearly the absolute lowest Milton can score a stock on a 0-100 scoring system. We have observed that Milton has been Negative on GE throughout 2018, and that view has proved to be accurate. GE's share price decline has been stunning over the past 2 years, declining (78)% through December 9, 2018.

Milton's Score for GE Over Next 1 Year (from Milton's Watchlist)

So what happened? Watch Milton's video

Milton is now sharing insights with you through video. Check out Milton's new video recapping 10 data points to help you better understand General Electric's fall from grace as an iconic American company. Though this video, we hope you will gain valuable insight into the key issues that led to GE's current state and future challenges the company faces.

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Watch Video: General Electric's Fall From Grace In 10 Data Points
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