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Top 3 Free Online Machine Learning Courses


I've often heard the term "machine learning" is intimidating and I tend to agree. But when broken down, it really isn't that complex. At its simplest level, machine learning is the discipline of taking information from the past, and combining that information with the power of computers to make predictions about the future. But how does this actually happen? Therein lies the exciting part of machine learning!

Objective & Target Audience of Post

The goal of this post is to highlight the 3 most valuable free online machine learning courses. While there are no shortage of Youtube videos and online educational tools, at the simplest level, all 3 of these courses should help you understand how to create statistical models to create future forecasts. This post is intended for anyone interested in a beginners course in machine learning, and may or may not have experience in computer science or data science. Some of these free courses are from the top universities in the world, so be sure to take advantage of these wonderful resources if you are interested in machine learning!

Top 3 Recommended Courses

See below, in no particular order, the 3 courses that I would recommend:

  1. Coursera - https://www.coursera.org/learn/machine-learning

This course is taught by Andrew Ng from Stanford and is one of the most attended machine learning courses in the world. Andrew Ng excels at explaining the complex mathematical concepts of machine learning in an understandable format. After taking this course, you will have a solid understanding of machine learning and the key principles behind it.

Coursera Pros:

  • Machine Learning course that expects no ML experience
  • Understandable lecture format
  • Available free on Coursera and Youtube

2. Datacamp - https://www.datacamp.com/

Datacamp is a very interesting learning tool because it puts your hands on the keyboard and has you code up machine learning tasks from the beginning. They have a very user-friendly interface that walks you through tasks with videos and code to solve problems centered around machine learning. This is a great resource for programmers, analysts and other people who spend a lot of time around data.

Datacamp Pros:

  • Learn to code machine learning and data science
  • Latest techniques in machine learning and data science
  • Broken into classes and saves your progress
  • Hundreds of classes and topics

3. Stanford Machine Learning Course Cs231n - http://cs231n.github.io/

This is one of the best machine learning courses available. This is a graduate level course from Stanford that has exploded in popularity since it was first offered. It is the top level class where you learn how to code neural networks from scratch.

Stanford Course Pros:

  • The coursework uses great examples
  • Has advanced technical detail for students
  • World class instructors (example: one now heads Tesla's AI department)

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Top 3 Free Online Machine Learning Courses
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