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Top 10 Machine Learning Accounts to Follow On Twitter


This article contains the top 10 twitter accounts that you should follow to stay up to date in machine learning. For each account we list their name and a tweet that shows their expertise.

Twitter Accounts

  1. Andrew Ng - Co-Founder of Coursera; Stanford CS adjunct faculty. Former head of Baidu AI Group/Google Brain.

Andrew has many great tweets about AI and how the field is moving, especially since a lot of his classes on Coursera paved the way.

2. Richard Socher - Head of AI at Salesforce

Richard has taught many wonderful classes at Stanford on NLP and tweets about really interesting findings and techniques in the field.

3. Andrej Karpathy - Head of AI at Tesla

Andrej was one of the original lecturers in the famous cs244n Stanford class. His tweets highlight great advancements in the field. They're also quite humorous as well.

4. Mustafa Suleyman - Co-founder DeepMind

Mustafa's tweets bring a bunch of high level movements of AI to your timeline.

5. Yann LeCun - Director of AI research at Facebook

Yann has great insight into the field and is a great professor with many cutting edge informational tweets.

6. /MachineLearning - official twitter feed for reddit.com/r/MachineLearning

This account brings the hot topics of reddit machine learning to your twitter timeline.

7. Denny Britz - Machine learning research scientist

Denny has a famous blog (wildml) that is brings extremely complicated technical concepts into easy to understand articles. His tweets follow a similar approach.

8. Matthew Honnibal - Founder of Explosion AI

Matthew is a natural language processing expert and is the author of famous python package spacy. His tweets gleam insight from the NLP world on cutting edge topics.

9. Ferenc Huszar - Machine Learning researcher at Twitter

Ferenc tweets about incredibly technical machine learning topics that are incredibly captivating.

10. Jeremy Howard - Founder of Fast.ai, President of Kaggle

Jeremy constantly tweets helpful resources and retweets great individuals from the machine learning community.

Curated by: Camron Godbout https://www.linkedin.com/in/camron-godbout-1b601077/

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Top 10 Machine Learning Accounts to Follow On Twitter
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